Macular Degeneration – What it looks like in the back of the eye

Following on from our post yesterday about macular degeneration week: Here are some photographs of a patient who has been living with macular degeneration for the last few years. Today’s examination focused on reviewing the vision, checking the health of the eyes and making sure the macular degeneration was not progressing.

Book in to an optometrist once every two years to get a retinal health check as this eye disease needs to be ...

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Macula Degeneration Awareness Week

This week is Macula Degeneration Awareness week:

Macula Degeneration affects 1 in 7 people over the age of 50. It involves central vision loss which cannot be corrected by spectacles (glasses). Last night TNVZ highlighted Macula Degeneration awareness week with an article, click on the link below to watch this and remember an eye examination is the best way to check for and monitor this condition every 2 years regardless of whether you feel your glasses have changed or not.
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