Do medications from your doctor affect the eyes?

Many medications affect the eyes when they are taken for other ailments orally. One such group are psychotropic medications:

Ocular side effects of psychotropic medication are thought to be common as the eye has a comprehensive blood supply as well as the retina having a high metabolic rate. The following shows a brief explanation of some common groups and the effects they have on the eyes.

Anticonvulsants: Topiramate has been used for migraine prevention and post traumatic stress disorder. Its ...

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The Future of Glasses – Is augmented reality here?

The 2014 Consumer Electronics expo in Las Vegas demonstrated a whole new range of augmented reality wearable technology.

CastAR is a virtual realty platform that allows any user to interact within a game as if they were there. This technology has taken nearly 30 years to develop since it was first described in the Star Trek movies, then known as a holodeck. This is really exciting technology and allows for the user to walk around within a game as well as ...

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Glaucoma is a real risk for sight loss – Get your eyes tested!

A patient attended an eye examination with no problems or visual disturbances, expecting a new pair of glasses and contact lenses. Following thorough eye examination at Rose Optometrists the diagnosis of glaucoma was established. Specialist testing including visual field analysis (a machine that tests the connections between the eyes and the brain) and retinal imaging confirmed the diagnosis of Glaucoma along with pressure testing .

Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease and many who suffer from it show no symptoms. Because ...

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