Exciting Developments in Infant Vision

In an exciting new project led by researchers at the University of Auckland, vision problems in children may be picked up years earlier, giving optometrists the ability to diagnose children as young as two years old.

Led by Dr Jason Turuwhenua, the aim is to tailor a device that allows testing of visual function in children aged as young as two years old – an age that is challenging. The diagnostic tool that is to be developed will look at detecting ...

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Colour Contact Lenses – FREE TRIAL AND WIN!!


We’ve written about colour contact lenses on our Facebook around Halloween a few times now, and until now haven’t been able to recommend any brands on the market.
However, this has recently changed with Alcon (one of the brands we stock) releasing ‘Air Optix Colours’. These contact lenses are optometrist approved, prescription contact lenses available in a range of colours. They are also significantly more ...
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Menicare Progent deep clean instructions

All patients are advised to use a protein removal product called Progent at least every 6 weeks.

To use Progent, combine the A and B vials in a lens case and submerge your lenses in this for 30 mins. You will notice a colour change to show that the reaction is complete. You can think of this as an extra strength cleaner. Good compliance can help lenses last longer.


Ensure your lenses are thoroughly rinsed with Menicare after using Progent before inserting into ...

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Eyeliner too close to eyes can cause contamination

We’ve seen it a more than a few times, and now the science backs it up. A new study from the University of Waterloo in Canada has found eyeliner applied too close to the eye can lead to contamination.

Between 15 and 30% more particles move into the eye when eyeliner is applied inside of the last line. The makeup also moved more quickly into the eye when it is applied within the lash line. Mascara can also give ...

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Blue-black or white gold?

Blue black or white gold?

Spoiler: It’s blue – black.

If you’ve been on the internet over the past few days you have no doubt seen the offending dress – and developed an opinion on what colour it is.







So why the confusion over such a simple dress?

It comes back the way your brain processes light – when light enters your eyes it passes through a lens, with different wavelengths corresponding to different ...

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