Ortho K may slow the progression of shortsightedness in children

A recent study published in Optometry & Vision Science has found Ortho K may slow the progression of myopia (shortsightedness) in children aged 6 – 16.
The study looked at seven prior studies with 435 participants (218 who had the treatment & 217 who had not). It found a significant difference in sight deterioration between the two groups.
Ortho K (Orthokeratology) involves specially crafted hard contact lenses which are worn at night. They reshape the cornea while you sleep, giving wearers unassisted 20/20 ...
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Zoom in… with a wink!

Swiss researchers have unveiled a prototype contact lens in that comes with microscopic telescopes embedded in a 1.55mm thick lens.

Activated by the wearer winking their right eye, the telescope is activated and zooms in – blowing objects up to 2.8 times their normal size. A wink from the right eye zooms back to normal vision. The lenses themselves are made from precision cut pieces of plastic, aluminium mirrors, polarising thin films and biologically safe glues.

Although there are glasses with inbuilt ...

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