3 types of glasses you need everyday

According to optometrist Jagrut Lallu, everyone should have three pairs of glasses – an everyday pair, a digital protection pair and UV blocking sunglasses. Just like most of us have more than one pair of shoes to protect our feet, keep us comfortable and match our style – yet we rarely do the same for our eyes.

Prescription Glasses











Because your everyday pair of ...

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A new tool to fight shortsightedness!

Parents with short sightedness need to be aware of this tool!

Practitioners and friends of Rose Optometrists Paul and Kate Gifford have developed a new tool for parents. This tool is aimed at educating parents about the need to monitor for short sightedness or myopia. The need for tools like this is great with the latest projections and statistics showing that by 2050 50% of the worlds population will be shortsighted.

The new website called: mykidsvision.org has an interactive questionnaire that uses ...

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