Digital technology in schools and what it means for your eyes

From next year digital technology will be fully integrated into the New Zealand Curriculum. This means that as part of Technology at school, students will have achievement standards based on digital technology.

The aim of this curriculum change is to help students develop skills and an interest in digital technology to enable them to enter the IT sector. It will also mean they have the confidence and ability to use digital technologies in other careers.

As the world becomes more digital, and ...

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The ABC’s of kid’s eye exams

Thorough eye exams with a practicing optometrist are essential to ensure a child’s eye health.

Undiagnosed eye conditions can lead to learning and behavioural problems, and can sometimes cause permanently reduced vision. Visique Rose Optometrist Jagrut Lallu notes “we know how important it is for kids to have proper vision, especially when they are sitting in class. A complete paediatric eye exam not only makes sure that your child is seeing 20/20 but also lets us identify any potential or existing ...

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