3 types of glasses you need everyday

According to optometrist Jagrut Lallu, everyone should have three pairs of glasses – an everyday pair, a digital protection pair and UV blocking sunglasses. Just like most of us have more than one pair of shoes to protect our feet, keep us comfortable and match our style – yet we rarely do the same for our eyes.

Prescription Glasses











Because your everyday pair of glasses are so essential to your life, it’s extremely important to ensure they are comfortable and crystal-clear. Check with your optometrist to make sure your lens has the right lens index. If you’ve got a high prescription, it’ll lighten your overall frame weight, minimise distortion and make for comfortable all-day wear. Even if you wear contact lenses everyday, it’s a good idea to have a pair of everyday glasses just in case.


Digital Protection Glasses












Digital protection glasses provides a shielding against the harmful blue light that is emitted by digital devices. As computers and digital devices have become an ever increasing presence in our everyday lives, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people who suffer the effects of digital eyestrain. These symptoms include blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry and irritated eyes, headaches and even neck and back pain. Glasses that filter and reflect a portion of the blue light emitted by digital devices, slowing or stopping the effects of digital eyestrain.


Polarized Sunglasses












A high quality pair of polarized sunglasses protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays and improve visual clarity while driving, hitting the slopes or relaxing on the deck. Polarized lenses are coated in a special film that reduce the glare that occurs when light reflects off water, snow or asphalt.