Why should I get regular eye tests in Hamilton?

Regular eye examinations are essential to make sure you receive any treatment you might need in a timely manner. Sometimes people aren’t even aware they have an eye condition that requires treatment.

Keratoconus and regular eye tests

This patient has the eye condition keratoconus which can cause severely reduced vision if not treated appropriately, due to thinning and steepening of the front of the eye.


Because they came in for regular appointments and monitoring, we were able to refer them for a fully ...

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Shift Lenses Insurance


Did you know that here at Visique Rose Optometrists, we offer an insurance on your Shift lenses when purchased?

The standard replacement fee for a broken or lost Shift lens is $450 per lens.

In your first year, you can now have a lens insurance at a cost of $50 per lens.

This lens insurance covers a lost lens or a lens which is broken outside the manufacturer’s breakage warranty of 30 days.

If you wear two Shift lenses and would like to cover them both, the fee is $100.

The 12-month warranty on a Shift lens cannot be renewed. The duration ...

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Common Contact Lens Misunderstandings

As licensed Optometrists with decades of experience, we’ve heard our fair share of questions surrounding the use of contact lenses.

What is the biggest misconception about contact lenses?

Contact lenses are medical devices and need to be treated as such. It’s also really important that contact lenses are fitted by an optometrist, following an eye exam and that users follow the wearing schedule that you are provided.

What are the biggest mistakes that people make with their contact lenses?

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The benefits of daily contact lenses

Soft contact lenses come in three main varieties – dailies, fortnightly and monthly lenses. While we always recommend you go with the suggestions of your Optometrist, there are substantial benefits to wearing daily contact lenses.

Benefit 1: Eye Health

A study done by the Center for Disease Control found that more than 82% of adults wear their contact lenses longer than recommended, with over half also sleeping in their lenses. By not following proper care guidelines, contact lens wearers are putting their ...

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Digital technology in schools and what it means for your eyes

From next year digital technology will be fully integrated into the New Zealand Curriculum. This means that as part of Technology at school, students will have achievement standards based on digital technology.

The aim of this curriculum change is to help students develop skills and an interest in digital technology to enable them to enter the IT sector. It will also mean they have the confidence and ability to use digital technologies in other careers.

As the world becomes more digital, and ...

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