Common Contact Lens Misunderstandings

As licensed Optometrists with decades of experience, we’ve heard our fair share of questions surrounding the use of contact lenses.

What is the biggest misconception about contact lenses?

Contact lenses are medical devices and need to be treated as such. It’s also really important that contact lenses are fitted by an optometrist, following an eye exam and that users follow the wearing schedule that you are provided.

What are the biggest mistakes that people make with their contact lenses?

The two biggest mistakes that people make with contact lenses are 1) not cleaning their lenses properly and 2) not replacing their lenses often enough.

If you wear your lenses longer than prescribed they will build up protein deposits, lipids and bacterial biofilm that aren’t easily removed.

Is it ok to sleep with your contact lenses in?

Unless you are wearing Ortho K lenses, we highly discourage sleeping with your contact lenses in. Your corneas need oxygen, which is blocked if you wear your lenses at night. Wearing contact lenses overnight also leads to dryness which increases the risk of eye infections and other complications – including blindness.