Exciting Developments in Infant Vision

In an exciting new project led by researchers at the University of Auckland, vision problems in children may be picked up years earlier, giving optometrists the ability to diagnose children as young as two years old.

Led by Dr Jason Turuwhenua, the aim is to tailor a device that allows testing of visual function in children aged as young as two years old – an age that is challenging. The diagnostic tool that is to be developed will look at detecting visual function.

Jagrut Lallu, one of our optometrists, explains, “Babies and infants are at risk of vision problems, it is always advised that children are seen from an early age any tools developed to help the diagnosis of potentially sight threatening problems is welcomed by the optometric community. Not all practices specialise in infant vision.”

Another serious issue is the current effectiveness of the exams – a recent New Zealand study showed that 30% of children aged between three and five who were referred for further testing, didn’t actually have vision problems.

This study was funded by a $1 million grant from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.

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