Eyeliner too close to eyes can cause contamination

We’ve seen it a more than a few times, and now the science backs it up. A new study from the University of Waterloo in Canada has found eyeliner applied too close to the eye can lead to contamination.

Between 15 and 30% more particles move into the eye when eyeliner is applied inside of the last line. The makeup also moved more quickly into the eye when it is applied within the lash line. Mascara can also give problems as dye from the makeup can build up in the tear ducts, leading to excessive tearing.

Getting eyeliner into your tear film can be uncomfortable, especially for people with sensitive eyes or dry eye syndrome. For people who wear contact lenses, this can reduce the quality of their vision and potentially even lead to blurring.

Worst case scenarios involve the eyeliner being host to bacteria leading to eye infections.

Our advice: apply your eyeliner to the outside lashes along the eyelid.