Why Choose Visique Rose Optometrists?

Technology + Innovation + Service = Eye Examination

Eye examinations are not all the same. You know where to go if you’re feeling ill, or if your teeth are giving you grief. Your sight is just as important. You only have one pair of eyes and they can’t be replaced. Take the time and book in for a full eye test.

By being proactive and making an appointment with an optometrist you can avoid serious eye problems later on in life.

Changes caused by eye disease usually occur slowly and without obvious signs or discomfort. As with general health disorders, early detection followed by prompt treatment, increases the chances of curing or controlling an eye condition.

Don’t wait until you experience visual discomfort or pain to consult your Optometrist; it may be too late to avoid serious visual and eye health problems.

Regular eye examinations are equally as important as health or dental checks. Common ailments such as headaches and fatigue may often be caused by a vision problem.

At Visique Rose Optometrists we have the latest in technology and innovation. There are a variety of machines at our disposal to help us give you the most thorough and comprehensive care available.

At Visique Rose Optometrists we follow a comprehensive process designed to assess eye health and detect any eye and vision problems. No preparation is required, it’s easy and convenient, and takes less than one hour.