Free Myopia Eye Test Calculator (Short Sightedness)

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Myopia is anticipated to become a leading cause of permanent blindness worldwide.

Take a Free Myopia Eye Test online to asses the risk of your child developing Myopia; more commonly known as Short Sightedness. Short-sighted progression is of great concern for the World Health Organisation, eye care and general health care professionals, as well as parents.

Mounting scientific research indicates that shortsightedness leads to an increased risk of several eye conditions that may lead to poor vision and even blindness.

Researchers and clinicians worldwide are directing their efforts into better understanding the cause and finding the most effective methods to slow down the myopic progression. February 6, 2017 The university of Northwestern published that they had found the specific cell that determines the growth of the eye (this is the main issue in short sightedness) and so continued research will focus on controlling this cell.

Eye Test Calculator

Childhood myopia can cause eye disorders and pathologies later in life, some of which are sight threatening. This quick online calculator uses the latest research to estimate the risk of developing high myopia and the eye diseases associated with the myopic eye.

Reducing myopia progression can benefit our children by:

  • Reducing spectacle lens thickness
  • Reducing the dependency on spectacles
  • But most importantly reducing the risk of myopic eye disease*.

*Myopic Eye Disease is caused when the eye elongates in myopia and this stretching of the tissues of the eye causes weaknesses to occur in the back of the eye. Increasing the risk of retinal detachment and myopic macular degeneration, but also significantly increasing the risk of Glaucoma and cataract.

The following table from illustrates that the rate of complication increases with degree of short sightedness.

To provide some comparison: If you have blood pressure >160 your risk of a cardiovascular event is 3.2x – at this point our general practitioners will treat without question and this is normal yet we do not place as much value on our eyes and the side effects of letting our glasses get thicker on our health and eye disease.


Free Myopia Eye Test

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I’m a parent and need more information?

Great! check out  – This is another great resource that has a brief survey without technical jargon that we can all use to educate and share about the need to prevent the progression of this now treatable condition.