Why should I get regular eye tests in Hamilton?

Regular eye examinations are essential to make sure you receive any treatment you might need in a timely manner. Sometimes people aren’t even aware they have an eye condition that requires treatment.

Keratoconus and regular eye tests

This patient has the eye condition keratoconus which can cause severely reduced vision if not treated appropriately, due to thinning and steepening of the front of the eye.


The image on the left is the same eye as the image on the right. A machine called topographer measures the terrain of the front window of the eye called the cornea. Red colours depict hills whilst blues and greens depict valleys. These changes alter the light path into the eye and mean that glasses can NOT be used to fix visual disturbance. In Hamilton, we have very high rates of this eye disease due to a number of factors and the key to identifying this is regular testing.

Because they came in for regular appointments and monitoring, we were able to refer them for a fully funded surgery to slow down any further progression of the condition, meaning they are able to continue to achieve good vision.

How regular should I get my eyes tested?

In most cases, an eye examination every two years is recommended, and your optometrist will explain to you whether they need to see you more often than that or perform extra testing.