Glaucoma is a real risk for sight loss – Get your eyes tested!

A patient attended an eye examination with no problems or visual disturbances, expecting a new pair of glasses and contact lenses. Following thorough eye examination at Rose Optometrists the diagnosis of glaucoma was established. Specialist testing including visual field analysis (a machine that tests the connections between the eyes and the brain) and retinal imaging confirmed the diagnosis of Glaucoma along with pressure testing .

Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease and many who suffer from it show no symptoms. Because of this it can only be diagnosed by a thorough eye examination from an optometrist. There is generally no change to your central vision and as such it has been nicknamed the “silent thief of sight”.  The images from the case below show the areas of concern that an optometrist will assess during a comprehensive eye examination. This particular case shows a rarer type of glaucoma which arises in patients with normal internal pressure of the eye, generally this disease is a result of a raised internal eye pressure and this results in damage to the optic nerve head.

It is recommended that all patients over the age of 30 should get their eyes tested every two years as glaucoma is virtually symptomless.