New Zealand’s National Website for Keratoconus

This is an website created by Peter Walker, Optometrist and Partner at Visique Rose Optometrists. Its main goal is to promote awareness of the condition given that we have the highest rates of keratoconus in the world in our Maori and pacific island ethnicities.

International website for the Rose-k lens

The Rose-k lens was developed by Paul Rose at Visique Rose Optometrists, it is a hard contact or rigid gas permeable lens (RGP) lens which is used 75% the world over for keratoconus treatment, and in 95% of keratoconus in New Zealand.


Cornea and Contact Lens Society of New Zealand

Both optometrists, Paul Rose and currently Jagrut Lallu have served on the council. This non-profit society aims at the promotion of continuing education to both optometrists and ophthalmologists in training and current practice.


Northern Knights Cricket Team

Optometrist, Jagrut Lallu has an working relationship with the Northern Knights Cricket team, where support for vision therapy and sports vision is given to players, to give them the leading edge whe out on the pitch.


The Orthokeratology Society for Oceania

Both partners Peter Walker and Jagrut Lallu are members of this society, which aims for the safe and effective practice of orthokeratology in the oceanic area. Jagrut Lallu holds the New Zealand representative position on this council, he coordinates and runs education events and troubleshoots fellow optometrists difficult orthok ( orthokeratology or corneal molding) cases, and is the most experienced practitioner in the country for longsighted and “vision after forty” orthok.

EyeOpener New Zealand

EyeOpener is an website created by Optometrists Jagrut Lallu and Shonit Jagmohan, its goals are to:
  • Provide regular help to undergraduate and post graduate therapeutics students by making daily clinic experiences readily available
  • Promote an ever strengthening bond between Ophthalmology and Optometry
  • Encourage the input, collaboration and education of a range of topics by local Ophthalmologists and Optometrists nationally