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Visique Rose Optometrists are Proud members of the Dry Eye Specialist Group.


Dry Eye Clinic

At Visique Rose Optometrists we have setup a specialty clinic in dry eye.

The optometrists at Visique Rose Optometrists have the skills and expertise to solve your ocular surface problems. The optometrists can perform specific testing to diagnose and treat your dry or watery eyes from both the inside and out.

The global term dry eye also covers those that suffer with watery eyes or eyes that continuously run as well and it is usually due to a breakdown in a natural process.

Our dry eye clinic employs a raft of tests and procedures designed to diagnose and provide a treatment pathway for those who suffer from the symptoms of dry or watery eyes.


Dry or watery eyes Tear Lab Osmolarity test


Some of the tests we use include:

Fluorescein tear break-up time measurement, meibography, Schirmer’s test, InflammaDry (MMP-9), evaluation of the lid margin,TearLab biomarker testing, Infrared photography and bacterial analysis to determine staphylococcal/seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Once a diagnosis of the cause of dry eye has been ascertained, we then embark on a treatment and management protocol which may include nutrition advice, drops, in office procedures such as gland expression and lacrimal lavage, lid washes and at home therapies.


Systane UltraLubricant Eye DropsSystane BALANCE Lubricant Eye Drops



It is important to know what is not normal for your vision environment and so below is a list of things that could signal to you that it might be time to get a dry eye workup

  • Dry eyes – vision that fluctuates when you blink
  • Watery eyes – your eyes water when you change environments for example you find that they water when its windy or in a change of lighting situation, this may also cause a fluctuation in vision too.
  • Mildly red eyes that feel scratchy or dry upon waking
  • Uncomfortable vision toward the end of the day
  • Contact lenses that are not comfortable for the entire duration of wear

IPL Treatment

IPL using the E-Eye device is a revolutionary treatment which generates a series of flashes of polychromatic, homogeneously sequenced light delivered to the skin around the lower eyelid. The energy, spectrum and time period are precisely set to stimulate the Meibomian glands to return to their normal function.

Each IPL session takes approximately 15 minutes. A series of flashes of light are applied to your lower eyelids and cheeks while you wear protective goggles.

Although the flashes are extremely bright and feel warm on your skin, there is no pain or significant discomfort. It will not affect your ability to drive following the treatment. The frequency of the treatments will be advised by your Dry Eye Specialist.


IPL Application image