Training The Brain To See Better

A clinically proven technology called ‘RevitalVision’ allows us to improve vision by training the
brain to see better.

When we think of Vision, we immediately think of Eyes. But in fact the eyes are just the first stage of the complex process we call Vision. In fact, all the visual information collected by the eyes must be transferred for further processing in the brain.

A clinically proven technology called ‘RevitalVision’ allows us to improve vision by training the brain to see better, visually stimulating the back part of the brain called the Visual Cortex.

On average we expect an improvement of two lines on a standard reading chart, and a very significant enhancement in the ability to see in low contrast.

This is very exciting since it’s a new concept and tool to further improve vision, and what’s even better is that this treatment is noninvasive and perfectly safe.

It is based on visual training done at home, several times a week in front of a computer for about half an hour, and lasts 10-12 weeks with long lasting effects.

As opposed to other methods that have claimed similar abilities, this one is scientifically based, and widely researched,published in the most respected scientific publications.


What is involved?

  • Training is completed at home on a computer
  • Online sessions are approximately 2-3 times per week
  • Vision therapy is customised to your pace and visual ability
  • Professionally monitored by Optometrist at Visique Rose Optometrists

How many sessions are required?

For amblyopia therapy 40 sessions are required and for all other therapies offered by Visique Rose Optometrists, 30 sessions are required.

Visique Rose Optometrists are the first practice to embrace this technology in New Zealand and it is available for the following groups:


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As the only FDA-approved therapy for amblyopia, RevitalVision helps patients seeking improvement with this visual condition. With an amblyopic eye, it appears healthy, but visual information is not transmitted or recognized properly through the visual and neural systems. Amblyopia usually results from some type of developmental abnormality. Causes can be: a high uncorrected vision problem, a large difference in powers between the eyes, or possibly a crossed-eye. Patients report seeing nearly two lines better on an eye chart.


Post Lasik Therapy

Designed to fine-tune the results of LASIK and other refractive surgeries without corrective lenses or additional surgery. RevitalVision Post-LASIK Therapy has shown to improve vision in dim lighting and reduce halos, starbursts and glare at night.

Enhancing Vision After Lasik Eye Surgery


Better Vision Without Reading Glasses

Better vision without Reading Glasses

PRESBYOPIA (Natural Effects of Aging)
The natural effects of aging causes a decline in near vision, resulting in the need for reading glasses or bifocals. This condition is called Presbyopia.


Testimonial For Presbyopia


How long do the results last?

Just like learning to walk, riding a bicycle and learning to swim have long lasting effects, so does RevitalVision. You should note that while the improved vision skill is long lasting, presbyopia is a progressing condition. RevitalVision will typically delay your need for reading glasses for 3 to 5 years.