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Eyecare for kids

Your child should have their eyes examined at an early age as early detection of vision problems is important. A child who cannot see well is at a learning disadvantage.

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Eyecare later in life

Diminishing eyesight becomes more common as people grow older. It may become more difficult to read small print, see the television clearly, or recognise faces across the street.

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Julie Purdy

Practice Manager

Practice Manager, QOFE and Dip.Bus.Mgmt. Inducted into the Rose Family: 1985. 1988 saw the first Red nose day in the United Kingdom and the first screening of Die Hard in cinemas, it was also the first year that Jule’s took up her role as practice manager for Visique Rose Optometrists. She is a true master of all trades (practice related) and jack of none! By self admission her favourite treat is Champagne & hard caramel chocolates – together of course!

Jagrut Lallu


B Optom Hons. Jagrut joined the practice in February 2009. Jagrut has a special interest in keratoconus fitting and overnight vision correction called Ortho-keratology – These are contacts that work when you don’t wear them. He currently sits on the Orthokeratology Society for Oceania board as the New Zealand representative, is on the International Academy of Orthokeratology board, is a councilor for the Cornea and Contact Lens Society of New Zealand and is the current branch president for the New Zealand Association of Optometrists Waikato Branch. He enjoys spinning a yarn and sharing a few good gags, in the summer he enjoys working on his tan at the beach and is an accomplished sportsman.

Peter Walker


B. Optom.; Cert. Ocular Therapeutics. Peter joined the practice in 1995, entering in to partnership with Paul and Simon in 2000. Peter is experienced in general optometry with a specialisation in keratoconus and paediatric contact lens fitting. Peter is qualified to prescribe ocular therapeutic medications to treat some eye infections/inflammations. In his spare time he enjoys taking part in fundraising activities such as the very hotly contested Miss Matangi. On a rainy day he enjoys sitting on the couch and watching his favourite southpark character Eric.

Simon Rose


Dip. Opt; B Sc.; MBCO. Simon (not related to Paul) joined the Frankton practice in 1982 and practices all areas of general optometry. A keen skier, Simon believes in giving his patients the best results that optometric eye care can deliver. Simon is Visique Rose Optometrists very own wordsmith, he is always there to educate and inform about the many complexities of the english language.

Paul Rose

Contact Lens Specialist & Designer

Dip. Opt; B Sc.; FNZSCLP; Designer of the Rose K contact lens for keratoconus, distributed to over 60 countries worldwide. Paul has practiced in Frankton since 1969. He specialises in contact lenses, dedicating his time in the practice to this area of optometry. He is a very approachable passionately dedicated man who is best described by the adage, work hard play harder!