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We have been listed as an essential service, we are available for emergency video consultation if required.  We are also available for urgent care as per the level four guidelines. Due to the delta variant we will be performing a triage role in the first instance. You will see we have a QR-code link. Just open your phone camera, point it at the QR-code image and follow the instructions.

If it is necessary to come into the practice then you will need to fill in an online check-in form and we have access to a digital contact tracing system when you arrive.

We can help if:

  • Your vision has suddenly changed, become blurry or you have new visual symptoms you are concerned about.
  • You have a painful or red eye
  • You have been advised to attend this practice by the Waikato District Health board, Healthline or another medical practitioner for urgent eye care.
  • You have broken or lost your glasses and need a replacement pair to function.
  • You have a problem with your contact lenses.

For any non-urgent enquiries please email us or call us and leave a message if we are not available: 078473195. We will do our best to help.

If you currently have products on order please contact us so that we can arrange for contactless supply via courier.

Stay Safe

The Team at Rose Optometry



Video Consultation

Point camera phone at QR code

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