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Revitalvision – Training the brain to see better

Revitalvision is a clinically proven technology, and a fantastic tool in our optometry arsenal. It involves a little brain training!

Eyes are just the first line in vision, the front-end equipment that starts the process. They collect the information, which is then sent to another essential vision-related organ: the brain. Revitalvision is a process that allows us to help you improve your vision by training the brain to see better—stimulating the visual cortex.

When Revitalvision is an appropriate treatment and is done correctly, we expect improvement of up to two lines on a standard reading chart, and a significant enhancement of the ability to see in low contrast lighting. That’s pretty impressive for a treatment that’s entirely noninvasive and safe!

The Revitalvision treatment consists of visual training done at home in front of a computer. The commitment is just half an hour or so several times a week, with sessions continuing for ten to twelve weeks. Effects are long-lasting, and this method is scientifically based, well-researched and proven effective.

Revitalvision at a glance

  • Training is done at home on a computer.
  • Sessions are two to three times per week.
  • Vision therapy is customised to your pace and visual ability.
  • The treatment is overseen by qualified optometrists.
  • For amblyopia therapy, 40 sessions are required. For all other therapies offered by Visique Rose Optometrists, 30 sessions are required.

Rose Optometrists are the pioneers of Revitalvision in New Zealand. It is recommended for those falling into the following groups:


In the USA, Revitalvision is the only FDA-approved therapy for amblyopia. An amblyopic eye appears healthy, but visual information is not transmitted or recognized properly through the visual and neural systems. Amblyopia usually results from some type of developmental abnormality. With Revitalvision, patients have reported improvements of up to two more lines on an eye chart.

Post-Lasik therapy

Used after Lasik, Revitalvision can fine-tune the results of the surgery and eliminate the need for corrective lenses or further surgery. It has been shown to improve vision in dim lighting and reduce halos, starbursts and glare at night.

Better vision without reading glasses

Revitalvision can also help with presbyopia, which is the result of the natural effects of aging. It causes a decline in near vision, resulting in the need for reading glasses or bifocals.

How long do the results last?

Presbyopia is a progressive condition. Revitalvision can delay the need for reading glasses for three to five years.