Binocular Vision and Vision Training | Rose Optometrists

Binocular vision is achieved by two eyes working together, viewing images from slightly different angles and overlapping them to create one 3D picture. Some people are born with or develop muscular issues which can turn one eye away from the desired direction, affecting binocular focus.

Our eyes’ ability to see in 3D is governed by a principle called stereopsis. Stereopsis is essentially the way that we calculate the depth of a picture or scene we are looking at, and filmmakers use this ability when making 3D television and movies. Traditionally it has been thought that stereopsis was set in stone by age 13, but we now know that is is in fact possible to improve 3D vision beyond this age.

At Visique Rose Optometrists, we offer vision therapy or vision training exercises for those that are having trouble with seeing in 3D.

Vision therapy for kids

If your child has reported any issues with seeing what they need to see at school, Visique Rose Optometrists can help. We recommend bringing them in for a full and thorough eye examination to nip any vision issues in the bud, as some can be rectified with vision exercises to strengthen the eye muscles rather than a prescription for glasses.

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