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Symptoms of dry eye

  • Vision that fluctuates when you blink.
  • Eyes which water suddenly when you change environments – for example, coming in and out of windy or bright places.
  • Red eyes that feel scratchy upon waking.
  • Uncomfortable vision towards the end of the day.
  • Contact lenses that are not comfortable for the duration of you wearing them.

Dry eye clinic

Visique Rose Optometrists have set up a specialty clinic that can test for, diagnose and treat issues that result in dry eyes – ocular surface problems. The global term “dry eye” actually covers watery and running eyes too, as they are both usually due to a breakdown in the natural processes.

We have an array of diagnostic tools and tests that we can perform to get to the bottom of your dry eye problems. Some of the tools and methods we use are fluorescein tear break-up time measurement, meibography, Schirmer’s test, InflammaDry (MMP-9), evaluation of the lid margin, TearLab biomarker testing, Infrared photography and bacterial analysis to determine staphylococcal/seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Once we have a diagnosis, we can recommend a treatment course. This might include nutrition advice, drops, in-office procedures such as gland expression and lacrimal lavage, lid washes and at-home therapies.

IPL Treatment

IPL is a revolutionary treatment which uses the E-Eye device to generate a series of flashes of polychromatic, homogeneously sequenced light, delivered to the skin around the lower eyelid. With settings carefully adjusted to suit each patient, this stimulates the meibomian glands to return to normal function.

An IPL session takes around 15 minutes. Protective goggles are provided to keep the light flashes from your eyes. It should not cause pain or significant discomfort, and will not affect your ability to drive immediately. Frequency of treatments will vary – your dry eye specialist will determine how many you need!

For more information about how to fix dry eyes, visit us at fixdryeyes.co.nz