Eye Care Later in Life | Rose Optometrists

Eye care later in life is very important as there are visual conditions that are age related

Your eyesight may diminish as you grow older, making it tough to read the newspaper, see the television, or recognise faces at a distance. This reduces quality of life significantly, so no matter what your age you should be getting regular eye examinations and treating any issues that crop up. Common age-related problems include macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Eyecare Later in Life

We at Visique Rose Optometrists are skilled in detecting vision problems in older people, and can offer prompt treatment to increase the likelihood of retaining good sight. Along with a skilled team of Waikato optometrists, we have a range of tools and equipment used to test for and diagnose eye issues—from an Optical Coherence Tomography machine that builds a 3D image of the eye to Trueview technology for prescribing lenses. See the About Us page for a full list.