Eye Examinations | Rose Optometrists

Why choose Rose Visique for your eye examination?

We combine technology, innovation and great service for a thorough and careful eye examination.

Eye examinations are not all created equal. Just as with other health issues, like the flu or a broken leg, getting the correct diagnosis and treatment for vision impairment is extremely important to quality of life. You only have one set of eyes, after all—get them in working order by booking in for a full eye test at Rose Optometrists today.

Eye disease and vision issues can sneak up on you slowly, and cause irreversible damage by the time you catch them. Ignoring pain or blurriness until it becomes severe can lead to much more serious problems down the road. Did you know that common ailments like headaches and fatigue can be caused by vision issues?

Your eye health is the same as any part of your health. Early detection is essential, and regular examinations are the key to this. At Visique Rose Optometrists, we have the latest in technology and tools as well as qualified, experienced optometrists and staff. Together, these assets allow us to offer the most thorough and comprehensive care possible, and catch serious problems before they worsen.

The examination itself is easy, and it takes less than an hour to complete. We follow a comprehensive process designed to assess your vision and diagnose any issues. You just need to follow the simple instructions—there is no preparation required!